Helping Businesses
Around The World

Digitrinity is a leader in the digital transformation and value-based
consulting in ASEAN region

Our leadership team holds the experience of
administering projects in emerging and developed
markets in Middle East, ASEAN and Sub-Saharan Africa.
We possess combined expertise of 100+ years of
executing projects across the domains of Energy,
Telecommunication & Construction with a dual focus on
end-to-end project management and digital
transformation. We boast a comprehensive suite of
products that employ machine learning, big data, IoT
and Artificial Intelligence in conjunction, with a focus
on Green technologies to create valuable products that
empower businesses.

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Ajit Patel
Experience: 18 Years
Technology Entrepreneur with focus on creating sustainable business & operational models using technologies such as Data Science, AI /ML & IOT and applying them in industries like Telecom, Construction, SCM, Energy and Agtech. Ajit comes from Technology domain with over 17+ years of experience in Engineering & Design, Product management, Delivery and Operations spread across ASEAN, South-Asia, Middle-East and Sub-Saharan Africa covering 22 countries. Ajit served in companies such as IBM, Ericsson, Idea Cellular, Irrawaddy Green Tower & Ison Technologies before Co-Founding Digitrinity. Ajit’s philosophy for Innovation- “You Don’t want to spend time and resources in developing something that no one wants “
Ayad Chammas
Experience: 25 Years
25 years experience in Oil and Gas & Telecom industry. Bidding, estimation, planning, construction, and project management of multi-million dollars projects. Worked on energy and telecom projects in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Sharjah, Georgia, USA, Qatar and the Russian Arctic, Kazakhstan and Myanmar. Clients include ADCO, PDO, BP, Total, QP, Dana Gas, Sajgas, KOC, KPO, KLPE, GASCO, Telenor, Ooredoo, Mytel, KSGM.