DT IoT Platform for Aqua Sensors

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Digital Trinity Cloud IoT platform for aqua sensors

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Connected Farms

DT is executing  innovative Agri and Acqua projects in Myanmar  with  the help of satellite imagery and IoT devices

DT Value Proposition

  • Pre-integrated sensors

  • Satellite Data analytics

  •  DT PaaS  

  •  Agri and Aqua expertise


Energy and Infra Management

Asset Tagging (Bar-codes and RFID tags)

Android application for field force

Integration with DT cloud servers

Dash-boarding tools pre-integrated with Spatial analytics 

Integrated with Surveillance and access control platforms

Centralized revenue reconciliation layer

Identity Verification and On-boarding  

Android App integrated with national id registry, passport data, Blacklist databases, other government  agencies

Emergency response management, ie. identifying the citizens in the event of disaster using fingerprint or other ids

Border control, mobile tablets with fully integrated databases can be used for enrolling refugees or identifying the citizens in remote border posts

Know your customer solutions for banks, Telecoms, micro finance and Insurance firms

Census/Survey can be done using these devices