Cumbersome to streamlined construction monitoring


An Onshore Oil and Gas project is customarily a high-valued undertaking that ranges from several million to billions of USD. These projects have distinct characteristics that are not atypical to standard construction projects. Existing means of tracking such construction involve the utilization of convoluted and time-consuming processes not tailored to the specific needs of the oil and gas construction projects. Reliance on the said methodologies can have grave disadvantages including inaccurate progress reporting, inflated traversing costs and time, and increased dependence on human assets for regular surveying and supervision tasks that can also sometimes lead to compromised workers’ safety. Training and certification of workers are also obligated to accredit them to inspect the site generating additional costs too.

The monitoring process following such arrangements can be unpropitious and apposite methodologies must be employed.


SiteZoom  :

A software platform to facilitate accurate information collection and decision making by gaining valuable insights from satellite and aerial data about critical project areas and associated factors causing delays. The product enables monitoring of the principal construction activities precisely using high accuracy satellite imaging processing at the tip of their fingers.


  • Construction Monitoring System: Making use of Satellite data operated on pre-defined frequency enabling the monitoring of the changes based on time series analysis of acquired high resolution satellite imagery
  • Cost Monitoring System: Performing Budget allocation, and tracking the cost for each vertical of the project- Engineering, Construction, Project Support services, Materials and Equipment, Third Party Services, Vehicles, Office and Site infrastructure, Bank and Financial services


SiteZoom  РFunctions

  • Detecting and notifying progress accurately in specific areas based on their criticality, across multiple disciplines, aided by built-in pre-requisites to trigger prompt action.
  • Reporting distribution of assets for major activities (resources labor and equipment) for a timely response.
  • Providing tangible evidence real situations at specific areas to notify the related parties (third parties).
  • Providing feedback on progress to validate against the actual rate planned in the master schedule.
  • The Validating principal construction quantities during the progress of the measurement process.
  • Reshuffling and Optimizing the number of supervisors/vehicles for specific areas of the project lessening costs.
  • Reporting live distribution of the labor and resources across the project site followed by comparison with the pre-determined allocation to meet the project schedule.