Electrifying every end


Living in the 21st century, we still have people residing in the distant ends of the world with no access to a continuous supply of electricity. While governments may or may not electrify every corner of the country depending upon the feasibility of the required arrangements for the supply of electricity, individual private entities have had a significant impact in the provision of electricity to such remote ends.

One such private entity, ABC, partnered with us to further their mition of making electricity more accessible. ABC requested the formulation of a system that eased onboarding rural customers to provide them with electricity based on the tariff plans they opted.



A mobile application that serves multi-purposes like e-KYC registration and aiding field teams in carrying out village activities. The application also hosts other services including CCT application, CRM solution, Trouble Ticket system and business intelligence for enhanced analytics.


  • Identifying villages that do not have grid connections.
  • Boosting willingness of villagers to opt for mini grid connection.
  • Performing e-KYC of village households that are willing to opt-in for the service

DigiEleCon- Functions

  • Monitoring the installation of electricity connection at the location.
  • Managing Customer Experience.
  • Setting up customer care service.
  • Reporting calls.
  • Enabling Online payment of bills.
  • Assigning issues to the filed team for quick resolution.