IoT easing Agriculture


IoT is destined to encompass most electronic devices in the near future, to ease functionality and boost automation. Thinking of IoT usually brings to mind an image of connected devices like TVs, Speakers, etc. However, with the recent advancements, IoT has found a niche in the agricultural sector aiming to better cater to the requirements of modern farming and align more closely withe the techniques being used in agriculture today

Our partner, Nokia, is a leading provider of telecom infrastructure and aimed to create an IoT based monitoring platform for Aqua and Agriculture sector for their client Ooredoo Myanmar.


Digital Trinity created a real time  aqua and agri monitoring dashboard with numerous sensors that were integrated with our cloud servers using digital controllers that were transmitting data on real time basis.


  • Monitoring Soil Moisture
  • Tracking Water temperature
  • Sensing Dissolved oxygen, Ph level, Humidity and Water temperature .